School Ranking Form


The participation in the Top School of India ranking has three steps. Register the school details, receive a registeration number, Download the nomination form and finally upload the filled form on the website with the registration number.

How you can participate -

Once the form is filled we would be having two steps to validate the data provided:

Level one: A repository of Parent database in each city would be contacted for their views and voting on the schools in the city.

Level Two: Few Schools shall be visited in the region to access the various details filled in the form. All forms will be put online for voting by the School stakeholders. A jury of education experts shall sit in the final ranking process merging the voting and perception values received from the stakeholders.

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For Queries and Participation in the School Ranking please contact
Sumit Rawat, +91-9205686300,

The last date of Top School ranking is October 15th, 2020



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